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  • Arjunadyarishta-Zandu-450ml 174.00

    Known to be a powerful health booster, guda helps in bolstering immunity, preventing constipation, aiding in digestion, providing relief from joint pain, anaemia, etc. It also eases menstrual cramps and promotes healthy blood pressure and heart


    • Terminalia arjuna (T. arjuna) bark.
    • Woodfordia fruticosa (W. fruticosa) flowers.
    • Madhuca Indica (M. Indica) flowers.
    • Vitis vinifera (V. vinifera), also known as dried grapes.
    • jaggery, an unrefined sugar product made in Asia and Africa.
    • water, for decoction purposes.
    • dosage : directed by the physician

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  • Arjunamrita-Baidyanath-450ml 275.00

    Arjunamrita is the multi herb restorative tonic to manage cardiac function naturally with the clinically proven herb Arjuna (Terminaliaarjuna). Arjuna lowers cholesterol levels in the body. Arjuna allays the symptoms of palpitation, excessive sweating, restlessness etc. Arjunamrita is an Arjunarishta Special formulation with additional valuable herbs like Vidarikand as cardio protective,kamalphool has antioxidant and cardio tonic properties while Bala helps in the management of cardiovascular disorders.

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  • Arjunarishta-Dhootapapeshwar-450ml 175.00


    Dhootapapeshwar Arjunarishta is carefully formulated with herbal ingredients to support lung and cardiovascular functioning. The essential elements help treat Asthma and strengthens the body’s immune system.

    Uses of Dhootapapeshwar Arjunarishta, 450 ml

    Heart Care

    Key Benefits

    • Improves the cardiovascular system
    • Builds and boosts body’s natural defense system
    • Supports proper functioning of lung
    • Treats respiratory problems like Asthma
    • Helpful in conditions like bleeding dysentery
    • Regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body

    Directions for Use

    • Mix and consume 12-24 ml of the tonic with water
    • Or doses as per the physician’s instructions
  • Sandu Arjunarishta-450ml 190.00

    Sandu Arjunarishta: Ayurvedic medicine for heart function strengthening

    • Sandu Arjunarishta is classical ayurvedic medicine for cardiac diseases.
    • Enriched with potent cardio protective properties and acts as an excellent antioxidant.
    • Regulates the pumping of heart and beneficial in conditions like arrhythmia and palpitation.
    • Helps reduce the plaque build up in the arteries and reduces the workload on heart and provides strength to the muscles of the heart.
    • Effectively reduces chest pain arising due to angina.
    • Maintain normal blood pressure in people suffering from high blood pressure or low blood pressure.

    Ingredients Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna), Draksha (Vitis vinifera), Dhataki (Woodfordia fruticosa)
    Dosages 4 teaspoonful (20 ml) 2 times a day

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  • CARDORIUM PLUS (300ml) – ALAKANAND 450.00
    • CARDORIUM PLUS by ALAKANAND HERBALS is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine primarily for dyslipidemia and atherosclerotic disease. It is known to be effective in treating various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, vascular dysfunctions.

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