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  • Amroid 30tb-AIMIL 237.00

    Amroid contains herbs which are scientifically validated, through researcges and studies. With the potential actions of Amroid like haemostatic (to reduce blood loss), antimicrobial (anti-infective), anti-inflammatory, laxative and metabolic regulation, it reduces the symptoms and treat Haemorrhoids.

    Role of key ingredients: Phool Priyangu, Nagkesar, Lodhra, strengthens the blood capillaries and decreases the blood loss and thus stop bleeding. Karanj, Haridra, Mahaneem, inhibits inflammation, hence provide relief in pain, itching and burning sensation.

    Direction for use:
    2 Capsules thrice a day taken by elderly peoples  or as directed by the Physician.

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  • Amroid ointment-20g-AIMIL 116.00
    Amroid Ointment acts as haemostatic, anti-inflammatory and it eases the discomfort of piles (hemorrhoids). It is useful in conditions like bleeding piles, non-bleeding piles, inflamed piles, colitis, chronic constipation and allied complications.

    Key Ingredients:

    • Aragwadha
    • Priyangu
    • Palasha
    • Karanja
    • Nimba
    • Haritaki
    • Lodhra
    • Nagakesara
    • Haridra
    • Daruharidra
    • Durva
    • Vibhitaki
    • Nishotha
    • Ashwagandha
    • Shilajit
    • Directions for Use:
      • Apply gently on affected area using applicator twice or thrice a day before and after defecation or at bed time

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  • Ashokadi Vati-35tb Manphar 75.00
    Benefits of Ashoka
    • Painful periods (Dysmenorrhea) …
    • Heavy menstrual bleeding (Menorrhagia) …
    • Piles. …
    • Leucorrhea.

    composition : ashoka 350mg kasisa bhasma 56mg

    dosage 1 tablet with water or honey halfan hour before meals twice a day or as by the physician

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  • Hadensa Ointment-40g 145.00

    Hadensa Ointment is a combination of medicines used in the treatment of piles. It causes numbness and provides a cooling sensation to relieve pain. It helps in the release of feces without pain. It kills the infection-causing microorganisms.

    usage :

    This medicine is for external use only. Use it in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Check the label for directions before use. Clean and dry the affected area and gently massage the ointment.
    • Contains. Lanolin (100% w/w)+ Lidocaine (1% w/w)+ Menthol (1% w/w)+ Thymol (0.5% w/w)

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